Choose the data that's relevant to you

What kinds of timeseries data would you like to compare?

ez2viewOntario allows you to select the kinds of series that you want to compare and creates a graph that will update as new data comes in.

  • Ez2viewOntario comes with over 20 predefined charts such as Price & Demand, individual intertie prices and flows, etc.
  • Construct your own charts using a wide variety of dataseries including individual node prices, generation and intertie data.
  • These custom charts can be saved, so you'll only need to define them once.
A close-up of the predefined price/demand chart showing MCP, demand and supply.

The data

Here are some of the datasets you can play with:

  • Ontario load, demand and supply
  • Flow, MCP, reserve prices and import/export limits for each intertie
  • Weather data for over 70 cities
  • Market Clearing Price (MCP) and reserve prices for individual nodes
  • Output/capability for individual generators
  • Internal Zone demand