Data Displays

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Recent historical data at a click

Why did that generator change colour? What is the pricing history of this node?

ez2viewOntario answers these questions with timeseries displays that show:

  • Generation history - Capability and output for individual units and stations plotted against Ontario MCP.
  • Nodal price history - Compare Nodal prices (MCP, 10N 10S and 30R) with their Ontario-wide counterparts.
  • Intertie scheduled flow, pricing and import and export limits.
  • Internal Zonal Demand history.
  • Weather data - Temperature, wind chill, wind speed and direction.
A close-up of the Generator Station Data Display.

Turn back time (figuratively of course)

Interested in the data at a particular time in the past? Or in the future perhaps?

You can click on the graph a particular time to see the corresponding series values at that point in time.

Viewing past generation and MCP values.
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