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What's happening in the Ontario Electricity Market

Ez2viewOntario helps you keep an eye on it:

  • Track the way the supply/demand balance is unfolding. Particularly over peak summer and winter periods and the prices that emerge as a result.
  • What are temperatures like in the various weather zones?
  • Will there be enough supply to meet demand?

Keep an eye on generation:

  • What proportions of supply are from generators of a particular fuel type?
  • Has a particular generator/station suddenly increased or decreased its output?
  • Will there be enough supply to meet demand?

What are the interties doing?:

  • What is the direction of flow on the interties?
  • Are any interties constrained?

A shot of the geographic display showing price, demand, interties, weather and internal zones.

The data

Here is what ez2viewOntario displays on the geographic map:

  • Ontario Market Clearing Price (MCP) (5-minute)
  • Hourly Ontario Energy Price (HOEP) (hourly)
  • Ontario 10-minute spinning, 10-minute non-spinning, and 30-minute Reserve prices (5-minute)
  • Hourly Uplift Charge
  • Intertie Offer Guarantee Estimate
  • Total Load
  • Total Loss
  • Generation by fuel type (Nuclear, Hydro, Wind, Gas, Coal and Other)
  • demand (5-minute and hourly)
  • Available Generation (hourly)
  • Generator Surplus Margin (GSM)

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