ReVIEW Recent Historical Data

Do you want to learn from the recent past?

ez2viewOntario helps you revisit these past events and play them back as you require:

  • Perhaps a notable event occurred whilst you were asleep? Then step back to that period
  • Review the weather conditions and demand data leading up to a price spike.
  • Watch generators ramp up and down.
  • See the fluctuations in nodal price
A close-up of the demand graph showing historical and forward-looking data.

The data

Do you have access to all the data?

ez2viewOntario displays the previous 48 hours of:

  • Ontario Market Clearing Price (MCP) and Hourly Ontario Energy Price (HOEP)
  • demand history (5-minute)
  • Nodal MCP and reserve prices (10S, 10N and 30R)
  • Intertie Zonal MCP, scheduled flows and Import/Export limits
  • Available generation/capability