Alarms can be accessed by clicking the ez2alert tab at the top of the screen (center).

The ez2alert tab.

The ez2alert tab has a number of subtabs all pertaining to alarms. At present, ez2viewOntario only supports local alarms (alarms generated by the ez2viewOntario client).

The Alarm Settings Tab

Here you will find all of the currently configured alarms in ez2viewOntario.

Enable/Disable Alarms

You will notice a checkbox in the left-most column of every alarm in the alarms table. You can enable/disable a particular alarm by checking/unchecking its box.

Managing alarms.

Copy an Alarm

To duplicate an existing alarm, highlight it in the alarms table and click the "Copy Alarm" button. This will open the "Edit Alarm" form. The fields will be filled out identically to the original alarm but you will be required to enter a new title for the alarm.

The Alarm Messages Tab

When an alarm triggers, an entry will appear for it in the table on this tab. if you select an alarm that has triggered from this table and click "Acknowledge", the alarm will stop its alert and will be reset.

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