Editing alarms

There are several ways to get to the "Edit Alarm" screen from the "Alarm Settings" tab:

  • By clicking the "New Alarm" button.
  • Selecting an existing alarm by highlighting it from the alarms table and clicking on the "Edit Alarm" button.
  • Clicking on the "Copy Alarm" button.

Alarm editing buttons.

Configuring the alarm:

  • Enter a title for the alarm.
  • Use the drop down boxes to set a criteria.
  • Press 'Add New Rule' if you wish to add more criteria to this alarm.
  • If you want the alarm to be enabled immediately after saving, then check the "Alarm Enabled" checkbox.

Defining alarm criteria.

Don't forget to visit the Alarm Actions tab to set up the kinds of alerts you'd like to receive.

  • Graphical: The ez2alert tab at the top of the screen will flash to indicate an alarm has been triggered.
  • Sound: a sound will play. Make sure your speakers are turned on.
  • Email: send an e-mail will details of the alarm to selected e-mail addresses.
  • Pop-up: a small box will pop up giving details of the alarm.

Selecting alarm actions.
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