The Hourly Market Display

The hourly market display is available in both VIEW mode and reVIEW mode. It provides price and demand values covering a four hour period.

In VIEW mode, it shows the previous two Hourly Ontario Energy Prices, the Market Clearing Prices (MCPs) for the current hour, and it also displays the two closest predispatch prices. It also shows the corresponding dispatch/predispatch demand values for these periods.

The hourly market display in VIEW mode.

In ReVIEW mode the hourly market display will display values based upon the user-selected display time. You can click on the timestrip to visit a particular five-minute period in the current hour. It will display the two prior HOEP values for the selected display time as all of the MCP values for that hour. It also displays the two subsequent HOEP values if they are available.

Selecting a five minute period in ReVIEW mode.