Ez2viewOntario's map contains a large number of geographical entities. While it is possible to display them all at once, the result ends up quite convoluted. For this reason, ez2viewOntario's map features a number of distinct layers:

  • Generators
  • Generator Stations
  • Nodes
  • Cities
  • Internal Zones
  • Interties
  • The Custom Layer

To select a particular layer, right-click on the map, and open the "Layers" menu. You can select any layer from the list.

Selecting the Generator Stations layer.

The Custom layer

Ez2viewOntario's custom layer allows you to view the entities that are of interest to you, even if they are of different types.

To configure your custom layer settings, right-click on the map and select Layers->Configure Custom Layer from the menu that pops up. Using the "overlay type" combo box in the top left corner, you can select a subset of each overlay type (i.e. generators, stations, nodes, internal zones and weather zones). Once you've selected the items you wish to display you can click Ok.

Configuring the Custom Layer.

If you had the custom layer activated already, then your changes should take effect immediately. If not, then right-click on the map, and select Layers->Custom.

Selecting the Custom layer.

The fun doesn't stop there. The Custom Layer also gives you the ability to move the entities around on the map to wherever you see fit. Is that new wind farm down the road devaluing your property? Then move it to Manitoba someplace.. NIMBY indeed. But in all seriousness, to move a generator, station, node, weather zone, or internal zone, simply hold the shift key and drag the entity using the left mouse button. To reset an entity to its default position, hold the shift key and right-click on it once.