Nodes are pictured on the map as small coloured squares. Individual nodes are coloured based upon a range which can be modified on the Options screen. By default, this range is based upon the magnitude of the Nodal MCP, with the scale going from zero to 150% of the Ontario MCP. This can be changed to be based upon any nodal price including 10N, 10S, and 30R prices. The range can be absolute (a maximum and minimum price in $/MWh), or a relative range (that is the maximum and minimum difference in price in $/MWh between the nodal price and its Ontario counterpart).


When you mouse-over a Node, a tooltip will appear describing it. If you like, you can right click on it and a tethered chart will appear. Tethered charts for generators include:

  • Node name
  • Time of the data
  • MCP
  • 10N Price
  • 10S Price
  • 30R Price

Tethered chart data for AMARANTH-LT.AG_T1.

To view timeseries data for a particular node, left-click on the one that you're interested in (Gold Model only).