VIEW Mode and ReVIEW Mode

The map in ez2viewOntario is visible in both VIEW and ReVIEW modes.


In this mode, the display time is set to be in line with the latest dispatch price data from the IESO. You cannot manually change the display time in this mode.

Map view in VIEW Mode.


In this mode, the display time can be manually set by the user to any five minute period in recent history for which ez2viewOntario has data (typically the previous 48 hours).

Map view in ReVIEW Mode.

You can use the slider at the top left of the display to select a display time. To step forward or backward 5 minutes, click on the forward or reverse buttons.

The playback controls.

Alternatively, you can click on any one of the blue-coloured 5 minute periods listed at the top of the Hourly Market Display.

Selecting a 5-minute period on the Hourly Market Display.

There are a number of playback options available. By clicking the Play button, the display will automatically step forward through the history at an accelerated pace. You can select from 7 playback speeds and you can choose whether to step through every single 5 minute interval, or to step through in 30 minute increments.