Databox Settings

You can adjust the databox colour scale settings by visiting the Databoxes Colour Scale section of the Options screen. You can do this by clicking the Tools menu and selecting "Options". Once the Options screen is open, click on "Databoxes Colour Scale" which is located under "Advanced Features" in the left column.

There are two ways you can go about setting up databox colour scales. You can define absolute ranges to be applied uniformly for all price, demand and generator surplus margin databoxes, or you can define individual colour scales for each and every single databox (databox specific range).

Absolute Range vs Databox Specific Range settings.

The first thing you need to specify is the type of range to apply. To select one, simply click the radio button beside the range type's description.

Select the databox(es) from the combo box below the range type radio buttons that you want to specify a colour range for. You will notice that there is a "Colour databox according to scale" checkbox. Uncheck this if you don't want to apply a colour scale to the databox(es) in question. Simply cycle through all of the databox types and specify their ranges. Once your done, click the Apply button in the bottom right corner.