Intertie Settings

You can adjust the intertie animation settings by visiting the Interties section of the Options screen. You can do this by clicking the Tools menu and selecting "Options". Once the Options screen is open, click on "Interties" which is located under "Advanced Features" in the left column.

If you wish to have animated interties on the map display, then ensure that the "Animate interties" checkbox is checked.

If you've chosen to have animated interties, then you have the option of selecting a scaled animation for interties based on the rate of flow at the displayed time, or you can specify a fixed, independent animation speed.

Scaled Animation Speed

If you've chosen this, then you must enter the lower and upper flow limits (in MW) at which you will see the interties animate.

Fixed Animation Speed($/MWh)

If you want a standard animation speed, then use the Fixed Animation Speed slider to specify the speed of the flow animation.

Intertie Animation settings.

Once you're happy with your settings, click on the Apply button in the bottom right corner of the Options screen.