Weather Layer Settings

You can adjust the Weather zone settings by visiting the Weather Layer section of the Options screen. You can do this by clicking the Tools menu and selecting "Options". Once the Options screen is open, click on "Weather Layer" which is located under "Advanced Features" in the left column.

Weather Colour Scale

The Weather Colour Scale can be defined in either degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. At the top end of the range (coloured red) you have two equivalent representations of the maximum value for the range (Celsius and Fahrenheit) and below (coloured blue) you have the lower end of the range. It doesn't matter whether you choose to modify the Celsius or Fahrenheit values because the other field will update to reflect the equivalent value. So if I enter 21 degrees Celsius at the top, the Fahrenheit field at the top will adjust to 70 degrees.

This is where you define the single colour scale that is used by all weather zones on the map.

Data Currency

The map will not display weather zones whose data is too old. The data currency field lets you specify this threshold.

Weather Layer settings.

Once you're happy with your settings, click on the Apply button in the bottom right corner of the Options screen.