PreVIEW mode

PreVIEW mode is a tool for comparing predispatch prices from successive runs against eventual HOEPs.

If you start ez2viewOntario and then immediately visit the preVIEW tab, you will see 5 prices. From left to right you have the previous HOEP, the estimated HOEP for the current hour, the predispatch price for the next hour, and the two predispatch prices for the two hours after that.

Once the hour has passed, the values from the bottom row move up one row and diagonally left. The bottom row is now populated with the most recent data. This allows you to compare the last dispatch HOEP with the final predispatch price for that hour. It lets you compare the estimated HOEP for the current hour with the final predispatch price for the same hour. You can also compare the next 3 predispatch prices against the prices that were produced for the exact same hours in the previous predispatch run. Each hour, the process repeats itself so that eventually you have four hours worth of predispatch price data to compare.

Four hours of prices to compare.
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PreVIEW Mode
What is PreVIEW Mode?