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You likely have many options before you, but your challenge now is to make a career choice that sets you on a path to be able to achieve your future goals. We provide our Research Analysts with the skills and experience to not just survive, but thrive, in today’s competitive marketplace.


Why Be a Brattle Research Analyst?

Research Analysts (RAs) at Brattle are critical members of project teams and work directly with experts in a collaborative and collegial atmosphere. As an RA, you will build your knowledge and skills through both hands-on and formal training and apply what you’ve learned in school to help clients solve complex problems.

You will create robust economic and financial models, formulate compelling written deliverables, and conceptualize project work. You may coauthor a publication or be part of a presentation to clients or other audiences. Some RAs focus on developing expertise in a particular industry area, while others seek exposure to as many types of projects as possible.

At Brattle you will find diverse, intellectually challenging project experiences, and hone your skills to achieve professional success. Discovering where your interests lie will prepare you for the next step in your journey, whether that’s at Brattle, another professional position, or pursuing an advanced degree at a top-ranked school.


What We Look For

We are looking for RA candidates who are excited about the prospect of working in a dynamic, team-oriented environment where you’re able to apply what you’ve learned to solve interesting problems in unique ways. Our consultants are curious and eager to learn. They enjoy brainstorming and finding creative solutions to complex problems – and they don’t rest until they succeed.

Successful RAs have a strong quantitative background and have completed comprehensive coursework in economics, mathematics, engineering, operations research, computer science, or statistics. The most successful applicants possess the ability to comfortably interact with other team members and with clients. The ideal candidate is intellectually curious, dedicated to going that extra mile to ensure the highest quality of work, flexible, energized by the dynamic nature of consulting, and fun and interesting to be around.

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Meet Our Analysts

At Brattle, every day is different. Our work environment allows individuals to drive their professional development, while making a direct impact on their projects. Check out the profiles of some of our past and current Research Analysts.


Denisa Mackova

Before Brattle
At Brattle
After Brattle

After attending a bilingual Slovak-Spanish high school in Slovakia, I received a scholarship to study at the University of Valencia in Spain (Universidad de Valencia). I obtained my degree in Business Administration and Management. Upon graduating, I completed my post-graduate studies in Economics and Finance at the Centre for Economic and Monetary Studies (CEMFI) in Madrid.

I was interested in working for a company where I could apply the expertise I gained in industrial economics and finance while attending CEMFI. The Brattle Group seemed to be a good fit. I was drawn to Brattle because of their international environment and the wide range of projects from various industries and countries around the world. I liked that Brattle gives their employees a possibility of professional growth, and it was very inspiring to see that the consulting staff held advanced degrees from some of the best universities.

As an RA, I work mostly on projects concerning renewable energy. I participate in all stages of the project, from preparing the information request to the clients, preliminary estimation of damages, to analysis and preparation of exhibits and documents for each case. I also help in the final estimation of damages. An interesting aspect of my work is the opportunity to communicate directly with the clients we’re assisting.

The best part about working at Brattle is the opportunity to participate on projects from a range of industries, and the use of the state-of-the-art methodologies in the analysis is a fantastic learning experience. I am also constantly surprised by how friendly and collaborative the environment at Brattle is. This attribute is not something you usually see at other companies.


I plan to continue learning and improving my skills at Brattle in order to grow professionally at the firm.

*Denisa is currently a Research Associate at Brattle

"An interesting aspect of my work is the opportunity to communicate directly with the clients we're assisting."
Denisa Mackova, Research Associate at Brattle

Hunter Green

Before Brattle
At Brattle
After Brattle

I studied economics and philosophy at Hamilton College in Clinton, NY. While at Hamilton, I served as a co-captain on the Hamilton College Mock Trial team, a student representative on the Hamilton College Honor Court, a project manager for the college’s volunteer organization, and helped with leadership programming at the Arthur Levitt Public Affairs Center.

I applied to Brattle for three major reasons. The first was the culture. After reaching out to Hamilton alumni at Brattle and reading about the company on its website, it became immediately clear to me that Brattle fostered a collegial, friendly, and supportive environment. The second was its promise of intellectually challenging work. I was excited about the opportunity to apply economic theory to casework, construct economic models, and work alongside experts in their field. The last reason was the unique blend of law and economics. As an economics major interested in pursuing law school, Brattle seemed like the perfect place to blend two of my passions by assisting experts preparing economic analyses for litigation.

Everything that I read about Brattle and everyone that I talked to at Brattle seemed to truly love their experience at the firm. On top of that, everyone that I met was incredibly kind, intelligent, and humble.

My first case at Brattle utilized my qualitative skills through both research and writing. Through the firm’s emphasis on research analyst development and growth, I was able to develop my quantitative skills on future cases. Through firm-sponsored trainings and working alongside other research analysts, I’ve become proficient in R, Excel, web scraping, and more. While I still utilize my qualitative skills every day, Brattle’s given me the opportunity to broaden and strengthen my quantitative skills.

Since my first day at Brattle, I’ve been expected to not only conduct research, build advanced statistical and economic models, and assist with the preparation of expert reports, among other things, but also to contribute conceptually. The ability to work in small teams alongside experts fosters a collegial atmosphere. This both encourages and sets the expectation for research analysts to take ownership of their work and engage with the experts. This has, in turn, strengthened not only my analytical skillset but also my analytical reasoning more broadly.

Brattle’s flat organizational structure allows research analysts to really get to know and work closely with senior consulting staff. Having the opportunity to work so closely with experts in their field has shaped the way that I approach, think, and solve problems. One of the most meaningful aspects of my time at Brattle has been the opportunity to work so closely with both associates and principals.

Every person I have the pleasure of interacting with, from corporate services to expert witnesses, has been kind, talented, intelligent, and humble. Being surrounded by such friendly and supportive coworkers is a testament to the firm’s values. The best piece of advice that I’ve been given at Brattle is simple: understand all unexpected results. At the end of the day, this piece of advice means that you should ask questions, dig deeper, and always be curious.

Coming into Brattle, my long-term goal was to attend law school and pursue work related to the criminal justice system. However, I wanted an experience out of college that would provide insight into both law, economics, and public policy while simultaneously strengthening my quantitative skillset. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have grown and developed alongside such intelligent and thoughtful coworkers.

*Hunter is currently a Consultant at Brattle

"Brattle's flat organizational structure allows research analysts to really get to know and work closely with senior consulting staff."
Hunter Green, Consultant at Brattle