The Brattle Group combines industry expertise with analytical rigor in finance, economics, and statistics to advise debtors, creditors, courts, trustees, and governments on major restructuring, liquidation, and litigation matters.

Clients and courts rely on Brattle’s expertise at all stages of restructuring processes. Our consultants assess the viability and fairness of plans of reorganization, analyze fraudulent conveyance issues, and help courts determine substantive consolidation, equitable subordination, and monetary damages. Brattle’s expertise in private equity, hedge fund custom and practice, M&A litigation, asset tracing, claims analysis, cryptocurrency, accounting, and tax further strengthens its bankruptcy and restructuring practice.

Brattle’s consultants are thought leaders in bankruptcy and restructuring, and have served as testifying and consulting experts on matters involving some of the largest and most complex restructurings in history. Recent engagements include Caesars Entertainment Operating Company, Washington Prime, Puerto Rico, Boy Scouts of America, Dow Corning, Tronox, and Purdue Pharma. Brattle consultants have also played leading roles in the bankruptcies of Lehman Brothers, Nortel, Washington Mutual, Ambac, Tribune Company, Refco, and Enron.

Select Areas of Focus:
  • Business and Securities Valuation
  • Credit and Solvency Analysis
  • Asset Tracing/Forensic Accounting/Ponzi Schemes
  • Claims Analysis and Valuation
  • Debt/Equity Characterization
  • Material Adverse Effect Analysis
  • Plan Recovery Modeling

Brattle Experts

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David Plastino
  • Principal

  • Boston

Mr. Plastino is an expert in financial economics, with over 20 years of finance and consulting experience.

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David Prager
  • Principal

  • New York

Mr. Prager is an expert in complex financial restructurings and corporate valuation disputes, with over two decades of experience focusing on complex commercial disputes.

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