As one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing sectors, the high-tech industry is incredibly complex to navigate. The Brattle Group offers deep experience in economic and financial matters involving established and nascent technology sectors, including the globe’s rapidly evolving digital economy.

As once-unrelated economic sectors are brought closer together by digital transformation, our clients are facing new and increasingly complex economic and regulatory issues. Our experts support clients in matters related to litigation, regulation and policy development, valuation, and private advisory analyses.

The last decade has seen the transformation of global supply chains with e-commerce and SaaS, and the growth of new industries like electric cars, clean energy, and online advertising. Addressing these types of modern technology disputes requires the combination of three skillsets:

  • Specific scientific and technological expertise
  • Sophisticated data analytics
  • Traditional economic and financial analysis

Our experience in these three areas has allowed us to build a team that seamlessly integrates technological expertise with legal professionals and other experts.

Brattle Experts

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Laurence Freed
  • Principal

  • New York

Mr. Freed is a consultant and testifying expert with experience in finance, technology, and media. With a specialization in evaluating issues related to financial distress and leverage, he has worked on behalf of banks, investment management firms, private equity firms, hedge funds, private investors, and government prosecutors and regulators.

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